About Advanced Civilizations and Extraterrestrial Contact

WARNING: All of this information presented here is based on hypotheses studied, simulations and approximate situations of a reality of an advanced civilization, and none of this information has been obtained through actual contact or encounter with another universe civilization and most of them, are based on assumptions of our species with the present technology of Earth x an advanced civilization.

It is undeniable that the universe has life beyond our planet, even though we never have contact with another life form of another planet, primitive or advanced. In this text I will not answer questions such as: How would they be? and where are they?

Here I will address speculations, hypotheses, simulations, and situations closer to reality, based on general information from thinkers, scientists, and astronomers who have been investigating the subject for years.

For those who like Ufology and the theme of Alien, Advanced Civilizations and Extraterrestrial Contact, is a theme always to think about for hours. But I will start with a simple tip:

— An advanced civilization, with technology 100,000 years ahead of us, and with the power to traverse large universal spaces in short periods of time, with technology, science and knowledge in many things that the Earth does not even think exist, would hardly come into contact. with the Earth in some sudden, incisive, expository or spectacular way.


- Send 200 or 3000 spaceships, bases and stations for a simple contact. If this happens on Earth, it is more obvious to be an invasion, a threat than mere contact. — Send any type of ship, object or robot with archiving of all its advanced technologies, science and knowledge so that we can “learn, copy or reverse engineer” in some way. The most obvious forms of contact would be:

- If they have a base in the solar system, they can send through some basic technology some form of robot or simple “computer”, with the ability to only show images and videos and sounds of their civilization and with any kind of peace or contact message that may deciphered by visual or behavioral means. — Through forms of transmission (radio / tv) whose advanced civilization and we can both have knowledge and technology for communication and contact.

Addendum: The Internet doesn’t come into this because, even though the civilization knows what an internet is and how it connects, the ease for a hacker to access information about their technologies through that connection would be a “suicide” for them in any way. And this applies to any form of bidirectional computer data network. Remember it is an ADVANCED CIVILIZATION 100,000 YEARS AHEAD of our current technologies, sciences and knowledge.

How could a civilization come to the point of “navigating through the universe”?

1º — A sense of unification and protection of its species: an advanced civilization with advanced technologies and universal traveling would probably have already solved all its internal problems among their species, understanding itself as planetary civilization of its own world. Example of problems they solved: End of your tribal, national and world wars. Extinction of any form of think or act like racist, separatist, nationalist, competitive and relatives situations. Things that the Earth is still far from extinguishing.

2º — Cooperativity: Use of its natural resources, planetary environment and technologies, sciences and knowledge developed and accessible to all of its kind.

3º — Notion of their power: Knowing that their technologies, sciences and knowledge are already at a level above the other species of the universe, and even knowing that others can reach that level, there is a common sense in the civilization of protection and security about all this information, of their technologies, sciences and knowledge, and be sure that all this info could not be in any way discovered or accessible by other universal civilizations, at any level of development, by a sense of keep their informations secret from the others species.


- It is simple, any form of civilization that has the 3 principles mentioned above in the previous question, WILL NOT MAKE A CONTACT IN ANY SUCH, INCISIVE, EXPOSITORY OR SPECTACULAR MANNER.

- As I said earlier, if it appears in Earth’s orbit, or in the solar system, something like 200 or 3000 spaceships, bases, and stations for simple contact. The likelihood of being an invasion, a threat, or a domination is more evident than mere contact.

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That is, any civilization that has sufficient advanced power, knowledge, technology, and science that gives them an advantage over the rest of the universe has only three choices:

— Use this as a form of invasion, attack and domination of other planets.

- Use this as a way to explore, help and contact other planets.

- Use this only for their own benefit.

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